Rituel Mon Bouillon

My Broth Ritual

We must forget this received idea that the broth is only consumed as an appetizer for a good dinner. This one can be consumed at any time of the day; in the morning for breakfast, as a snack for afternoon tea, lunch or even dinner... In short, when you need it.

A big consumer of broth for years, I wanted to share my ritual with you so that you too can become an aficionado.

1. Take one or two ceramic bowls (or your Mon Bouillon bowl ) of around 300 ml.

2. Remove the cold broth from its jar, depending on taste, degrease it or not using a slotted spoon.

The fat is the solid bits in the jar that are recommended on a ketogenic diet and lock in the flavors and goodness of turmeric when reheated.

3. Reheat in a small skillet over low heat for 5 minutes. The liquid must simmer and the eyes of the broth appear: these are the little bubbles of fat.

4. Create a small vortex by stirring in the broth with a spoon clockwise to harmonize the flavors with the intention of what the broth can do you good (Check out the benefits here )

5. Option: Cut small vegetables such as carrots, celery and leeks or even small frozen weights into brunoise and add them to your broth for 5 to 8 minutes.

6. Chop the green herbs of the moment of your taste: chives / parsley / basil / coriander / ...

7. Transfer your steaming broth into the Mon Bouillon ceramic bowl, add the fresh herbs and a turn or two of pepper (the pepper will activate the anti-inflammatory properties of the turmeric contained in Mon Bouillon) and enjoy, to share with your friend , neighbour, the stranger in the area who needs it...

This is only one way to consume broth, we remind you that it is also possible to consume it cold or as a base for dishes. Check out all of our other recipes on our blog page.