Bone broth sur fond blanc

What are broth eyes?

Do you know what broth eyes are?

bone broth

Look at the photo above of this good steaming broth and look for those famous "eyes"... Did you find it?  

 It is these small fat bubbles that swim on the surface. Fat in homemade bone broth is completely normal and even desirable! These fatty particles freeze when the broth cools and form these "eyes" as soon as it is heated, releasing all the aromas. This fat nourishes the body, allows this feeling of satiety and reduces the craving for sugar. If you take a defatted broth, it's not quite the same experience. Good fats are making a comeback after being banned for years in nutritional literature.

The "boiling" of the ketogenic diet which requires 80-90% lipid intake (fat) is certainly for something...  

You therefore find this fat in Mon Bouillon which corresponds to the solid parts slightly colored by Turmeric. This makes it less sexy but so much better than a defatted broth!

That being said, you can always degrease it by removing those solid parts before cooking.