Le collagène et la peau!

Collagen and the skin!

September 2022 focus  "beautiful skin" - article 1: Collagen and the skin!

The texture  of our artisanal bone broth is not  sexy: slimy and gelatinous.  However,  it is a guarantee of quality  and tells you that you will find collagen! Everyone talks about collagen but what is it and why is it so important for our skin?

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the body. It is at the heart of “the skin, cartilage, tendons, ligaments…” indicates “ Passeportsanté  which emphasizes that it “represents 30 to 35% of the body's total proteins and ensures the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of all these tissues. »  We all need it and collagen decreases with age. 

Here are two tips to improve our collagen production in addition to taking broth:

  1. Hydration is essential to boost the production of collagen. "The more the skin is hydrated, the more it promotes the development of collagen and elastin". For hydrated skin, drink plenty of water, eat water-rich foods, and moisturize with a good cosmetic product. This month my broth offers the “ good with and in your skin” pack with the Ydrosia mist. 
  1. Reduce the sugar! It is almost as bad as cigarettes for the skin. It permanently attaches to collagen in the skin through a process called glycation. When collagen is weighed down by glucose, it becomes less flexible, resulting in dull, dry skin and accelerated aging. To avoid these effects on the skin, reduce refined white sugar.

source: https://crystal-bien-etre.com/lire/dossiers-bien-etre/collagene-53.html