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The entrepreneurs of the' Generation arrive is not only a business accelerator... It is also and above all a philosophy, an ideal that guides candidate-entrepreneurs to develop a sustainable activity. Today the 13 finalists defended their project and the winners are...

Since 2012, the year of its creation,, a business accelerator initiated by the Brussels region and supported by, has supported hundreds of would-be entrepreneurs. These candidates, for whom the terms "company", "solidarity" and "environment" are at the very heart of their project, are more and more likely to want to embark on the adventure of sustainable and green entrepreneurship in Brussels.

An undeniable enthusiasm during this eighth edition because specifies that 

"For the first time this year, 30-something-entrepreneur candidates are in the majority with 48% of applications submitted compared to 41% of applications from 21-30 year olds, the age group previously most represented in the accelerator. 55% of participants are professionally active, 33% are looking for work and 3% are still studying. Finally, statistics show that this year again women are in the majority with 52% of participants."

Something to delight Isabelle Grippa, CEO of 

"These entrepreneurs perfectly embody this new generation which creates an economic activity for its social and environmental impact. There are obviously a lot of constraints and makes it possible to approach them with confidence."

How does it work ?

This year, 26 candidate-entrepreneurs joined the business accelerator, moreover half of them were selected to present their project to a jury.

But before arriving at this consecration, there is a whole coaching work that is done. Just to give these candidate-entrepreneurs the keys, step by step, to transform their initial idea into a sustainable project, but above all a very concrete one. Without forgetting to approach the economically viable side but also provider of jobs of this one.

An initiative that responds to a demand because, as Didier Gosuin, Brussels Minister for the Economy, points out, "one out of two projects supported by gives birth to a startup, this shows the importance of this measure."

To bring these projects to the baptismal font, experts from and ICHEC-PME, among others, supervise them throughout their development, i.e. no less than 80 hours of workshops on sustainable entrepreneurship, 100 hours of coaching and 100 hours of expertise.

Final exam in front of a jury

This Thursday, June 6, the eighth edition of closed with the presentation, by the 13 finalist teams, of their project in front of the public but above all in front of a jury of experts.

Thus, the Prize was awarded to Standard.18650, for its portable battery which gives new life to used batteries of electric bicycles and scooters . The opportunity also to better know the battery-powered objects that surround us and to recycle them when the time comes, this project being open source.

"This prize offers three months of accommodation in the Greenbizz incubator and one year of tailor-made support by as part of the Mybusinesspass program" , details the press release. "The winner will also have the opportunity to participate in a free Be Angels investment forum."

The Triodos Sustainable Impact Award, awarded by Triodos Bank, and in the amount of 2,500 euros, was presented to Mon Bouillon. A candidate-entrepreneur whose objective is to promote the benefits of artisanal broth while ensuring its production. Broth to consume without moderation, as is or as a culinary base.

As for the public prize, it was awarded to Solange. The latter offers happy parents, concerned about the environment in which their toddler will grow up, washable nappies rented and cleaned by professionals. 

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