Our history

Mon Bouillon simmered for 2 years to succeed in producing an ideal broth in terms of nutrition and taste.

Antoinette came up with the idea for Mon Bouillon, the project was incubated at the Green Lab and won the Triodos Sustainable Impact Award.

1st year test for Mon Bouillon

In the middle of Covid, Antoinette introduced the product to the community and following the success of this first test she decided to continue the adventure.

January 2022
New graphic identity

That's it, Mon Bouillon is celebrating its 2nd anniversary, the opportunity to rethink the project to make it more sustainable and this requires a new graphic identity created by the Oil in Water studio.

February 2022
Launch of the pre-order platform

In order to be able to open her production workshop, Antoinette carries out a crowdfunding and manages to obtain 119% of the necessary sum and that is thanks to you. So again a big thank you!

May 2, 2022
Opening of the production workshop

The production workshop is finally functional and welcomes you every Monday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

It is also the occasion to officially launch the Chicken+Curcuma broth .

My Broth,
good for the heart,
good for the body

Good for the heart because… Like the broth that Antoinette prepared with her grandmother, Mon Bouillon is prepared with love in the production workshop located in Saint-Gilles.

Good for the body because... Rich in protein, low in calories... That's the promise of Mon Bouillon. A broth that has been simmered for many hours to bring out as many nutrients as possible.

In the end, Mon Bouillon is a product that advocates health as much as pleasure and well-being.

Discover all the benefits


Mon Bouillon wants to be an agent of change. Antoinette favors eco-responsibility by working with organic products and a circular maximum. Indeed the carcasses are recovered from organic meat cutting workshops.

Based in Saint-Gilles, in the heart of Brussels, Mon Bouillon wants to stay close to its customers. This is why every Tuesday Antoinette welcomes you to her production workshop from 11 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. You can buy broth there but also ask all your questions.

It is important for Antoinette to be as transparent as possible about her product.

You can therefore always send an email to Send an email to info@monbouillon.com


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