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Antoinette Godin, The broth with purified & vitalized water

Antoinette Godin is studying at the School of Living & Sustainable Food (EAVD) and with her concept of broth collaborates there as Aquaconscience .

She also frequents a group of women entrepreneurs, especially in the field of Kombucha, a group of super executive women eager to create a better world! To do this, she brought up to date the famous broth, tested with water from the BWI system that I have been recommending for 15 years.

Mini-interview for this very inspiring visit of the month!

Aquaconscience: Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

Antoinette Godin: Oh, I am a fulfilling mother who adores Life, feeling alive, moving, meeting people, being passionate about Nature and Art.

I wanted to bring my little "hummingbird's share" for a healthier world by taking up the concept of broth, a traditional version, like our grandmother's, but prepared with superior quality water, Aquaconscience water. .

Our concept won the 2019 Greenlab Triodos prize. After two years of simmering to find a suitable workshop, I finally found a place in Brussels to set up “ my broth ” in the coming months, that's the name of the project. .

Aquaconscience filtered water

Aquaconscience: How do you prepare your broths?

Antoinette Godin: m y broth puts the good old grandmother's remedy made with a circular economy perspective. I use organic meat carcasses recovered directly from the cutting workshops and try to process organic waste as much as possible.

The broth is drunk like an herbal tea and it is full of nutrients, especially collagen. my broth has made it its mission to bring you the best of broths for a moment of comfort that is good for the body!

In particular, the bone broth which must simmer for a very long time in order to extract the best from the bones. Our grandmothers knew it well and made it regularly, praising its virtues: a broth repairs our intestines, remineralizes the body and comforts!

Aquaconscience: What is your favorite product?

Antoinette Godin: The flagship broth of my broth is the one made from organic chicken carcasses with good vegetables and spices. We use a small amount of coarse sea salt. It is filtered in order to keep it better in the fridge. You can enjoy it either as a drink throughout the day, or as the basis of a broth-meal by incorporating fresh vegetables and noodles, or as a culinary base for a successful risotto!

Aquaconscience: Little Belgian cocorico… You use the BWI system at home to prepare your broths.

Antoinette Godin: Yes, it's primarily a choice for my own water and I tested it for my broths. I am looking at the possibilities of installing the direct flow professional BWI, directly in the workshop.


Aquaconscience: Can you explain this personal choice of purified, re-energized, re-structured water?

Antoinette Godin: It was primarily for a health issue that I became interested in quality water. I was dehydrated!

Advised by Aquaconscience, I redid the tests after drinking Christine's water and everything changed! I'm talking about deep and essential intra-cellular hydration for my well-being. I can't drink any other water from now on!

If I forget my bottle of water, I go home or I wait… Impossible to drink anything else.

Source: Article by Aquaconscience