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5 good reasons to consume homemade broth

Our grandmothers were not mistaken when they insisted on serving us broth for supper.

Bones and cartilage, when boiled for several hours release a number of minerals, amino acids and structural proteins such as collagen.

A steady supply of these nutrients can keep our bodies healthy and help ward off disease.  

We have selected 5 good reasons to consume bone broth according to JeClicNaturel ... but there is so much to tell on the subject! If you are interested, there is always the book "Bouillon d'or"!   

  1. Homemade broth is rich in calcium and magnesium
  2. Phosphorus, silicon, sulfur and potassium in the homemade broth
  3. Bone broth is alkalizing 
  4. Bone broth strengthens bones and joints 
  5. Gelatin and glycine: the strength of bone broth (the beauty asset of our skin and a healthy intestine!)  

 Studies on gelatin unfortunately stopped in the 1960s, when the food industry developed the first flavor enhancers, and it was possible to replace gelatin with synthetic gelling agents.

The excellent and nutritious vegetable soup with homemade chicken broth was then gradually replaced by a freeze-dried version, which only looked like it (and still does) and all the nutrients were replaced. by dubious chemical compounds...  

For a healthy and balanced diet, don't wait any longer to incorporate homemade broth into your cooking.  

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Book Le Bouillon d'or by Laurence Fischer and Céline Toucane

Laurence Fischer and Céline Toucanne help you discover the secrets of broth. While exploring the functioning of the intestines, the book reveals what you need to know about broth, from its preparation in the rules of the art to its conservation through the virtuous association with lacto-fermentation.  

Without forgetting to give you the best recipes to make you want to introduce it into your daily diet.