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Generation greenlab: green and social enterprises is much more than a business accelerator driven by It is an entrepreneurial philosophy that guides candidate entrepreneurs in the realization of a sustainable project. Since its creation in 2012, has supported hundreds of project leaders driven by the desire to have a positive impact on the environment. Together, these companies form a new generation: the generation.

26 candidate-entrepreneurs joined in 2019. The accelerator gives them the keys, step by step, to transform their idea into an environmentally friendly project, economically viable and job holder.

One out of two projects supported by gives birth to a startup”, Explain Didier Gosuin, Brussels Minister for the Economy .

Workshops, coaching, expertise

Supervised by experts in circular economy and as an accompaniment, including ICHEC-PME and, participants benefited from 80 hours of workshops on sustainable entrepreneurship , 100 hours of coaching and 100 hours of expertise.

" Knowing that we can have the service of experts reassures us, whether in relation to recruitment, innovation, etc. we feel framed ", explain Nahla El Mernissi and her husband. their business Enprobel , which specializes in the collection of used oils, won the greenlab prize for the previous season. Today, Enprobel has more than 150 customers in Brussels alone and has recycled 210 tons of used oils in 2018.

Isabelle Grippa, CEO of, is delighted. “ These entrepreneurs perfectly embody this new generation that creates an economic activity for its social and environmental impact. There are obviously a lot of constraints and allows you to approach them with confidence. »

The thirties are in the place

For the first time since the creation of, candidates in their thirties are in the majority, with 48% of requests submitted against 41% of requests from 21-30 year olds, the age group previously most represented in the accelerator. If 55% of participants are professionally active , 33% are looking for a job and 3% are still studying. Finally, statistics show that this year again, women are in the majority with 52% of participants.

Crowdfunding and technology at the service of sustainability

Several startups from have carried out a crowdfunding campaign at different stages of their development. This season, has welcomed a new partner, growfunding-bxl , the local and societal crowdfunding platform , which was actively involved in the program, particularly in the 'pitch and financing' module.

Another novelty: has recorded an increase in the number of technological projects. A module dedicated to prototyping now helps entrepreneurs develop their first prototype and encourages them to test their idea in the field.

Eighth season winners

  • the price was awarded to Standard 18650, of which the belgian portable battery gives a second use to used batteries of electric bicycles and scooters. This award provides three months of accommodation in the incubator greenbizz and one year of tailor-made support by as part of the program Mybusinesspass . The winner will also have the opportunity to participate in a free Be Angels investment forum.
  • The project My broth , made from unsold vegetables , got the Triodos Sustainable Impact Award , in the amount of 2,500 euros. This prize was awarded by Triodos Bank, for its creativity and direct sustainable impact.
  • The washable nappies project solange received symbolic Audience Award . is one of the measures of PREC , Regional circular economy program of the Brussels Region. It is coordinated by and supported by the Triodos Bank , the business angel network Be Angels , and growfunding-bxl .

Source: Hub article: Generation greenlab: green and social enterprises